‘Once In, Never Out’ Fully Gated Care Home Facilities

Despite early promise the government’s handling of C-19 global, world-wide, international pandemic has been shambolic. The policy to move the elderly out of normal hospitals and back into their care homes to free up beds for normal people was sound but there was insufficient follow up.  We believe the Government vastly underestimated the people’s appetite to isolate older members of society away from sight (and smell) of the rest of society. This has always been more than 2 meters. We need to fully secure these sights by turning them into ‘gated communities for the elderly’ with 24 hour sentries and on-site park-cemeteries ensuring, once and for all, that ‘when you go in, you never come out’.

We will also seek to determine specifically what aspects of the term ‘leper colony’ are distasteful and, once understood, undertake a full re-branding exercise.