about us

The PPP Party is proud to bring you the parental figure of all manifestos.

Our approach to politics is founded on two key principles which we feel the British people deserve.

Firstly, we promise that all our polices are thought through. We have done our sums. We can’t explain here because it’s much too complicated, but trust us, it all works out. In particular, we can assure you that all our polices are affordable. Not least because, like all other political parties, we have no intention of implementing these policies if we are elected.

Secondly, we have stolen our policies from other political parties in the great tradition of rival political parties stealing each other’s election promises.

We have scoured the world (well, Wikipedia) to find policies which have been promised to citizens of other countries. We have packaged these up, tied a ribbon around them, added a few more and now present them to the Great British public. We’ve tried to exclude policies promoted by the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. Why? Because they are loonies.

For too long the citizens of other countries have been promised policies which are not available here. No longer!