a ministry for naming

A new Ministry will be established to investigate the improper naming of things. As well as many other examples mentioned under specific PPPP policies this will include:

  • Dealing with shops whose names suggest they sell particular goods and ser-vices but don’t. Such shops will be required to actually sell these items. For example, Curry’s PC World will be required to sell at least two varieties of curried food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) if requested by customers. Similarly, it will be possible to buy footwear inside all branches of Boots.
  • Sorting out the ‘Underground’ versus ‘Overground’ fiasco of naming of Lon-don’s commuter rail system. If elected we promise to put the word ‘Sometimes’ in front of the word Underground on all signs where it appears and the words ‘Always (except for tunnels)’ in front of the word Overground where it appears.