The Parties We Have Stolen Policies From

These are the political parties that have given inspiration to the PPPP Manifesto.

Not all parties had policies worth stealing.

Deadly Serious Party
Imperial British Conservative Party
Party! Party! Party!
Sun Ripened Warm Tomato Party
Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party
Parti Citron (Lemon Party)
Rhinoceros Party
Parti éléphant blanc de Montréal
The Canada Party
New Zealand
Bill and Ben Party
McGillicuddy Serious Party
The Civilian Party
Imperial Party of New Zealand
United Kingdom
Adam Lyal’s Witchery Tour Party
Church of the Militant Elvis Party, also known as the Bus Pass Elvis Party
Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality 

Death, Dungeons and Taxes Party

The Eccentric Party of Great Britain
Fancy Dress Party
New Millennium Bean Party
Miss Great Britain Party
Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Raving Loony Green Giant Party
Rock ‘n’ Roll Loony Party
Teddy Bear Alliance
United States
Guns and Dope Party
OWL Party
Straight Talking American Government Party (STAG)
Surprise Party
Inanimate Objects Party
Rent Is Too Damn High Party